School dismissal update:

March 29, 2020, 1:30 PM

Following the Governor’s remarks last Friday, the State Superintendent Syd Dickson issued an update to school instructions.

You may be wondering what this means for schools or what has changed.  The changes called for in the plan in regards to schools’ direct children to “not attend school outside the home” and “not allow children to play on public playgrounds”.  These changes can be supported through our current remote learning model with some slight modifications. 

We understand that spring break and other issues are resulting in some students coming to pick up materials at school.  Make sure this is done so on a limited basis using the practices outlined by Governor Herbert with distancing and proper hygiene.  Any tutoring or small group work that was occurring at your school building should cease at this time and move to virtual means.  We ask that you continue to limit adults in the building to essential personnel and support educators working from home.  Meals can continue to be provided through your school using your current methods. These directives are in place until April 13th as outlined in the directive.”

 I concur with Supt. Dickson in that we are very proud of our teachers and our school workers.  Some have had a harder time than others meeting the technology expectations of a virtual classroom but most have done a great job in meeting our student’s needs.

 During this time of crisis and non-traditional education, please let your principals know of issues or possible fixes to issues as they present themselves.  Barring a complete closure of our schools, please watch for changes on April 13, 2020.

 Please be safe and please limit your exposure to outside sources of contact.

Dismissal Update:

March 23, 2020, 5:00 PM

Gov. Gary R. Herbert and State Superintendent Syd Dickson have announced that Utah’s K-12 school system will continue to provide distance learning opportunities for students until Friday, May 1, 2020.

Distance learning will continue during the extended dismissal for all K-12 public schools, where feasible. Employees will be limited at school buildings, following the Governor’s and CDC’s guidelines to avoid gatherings of groups of ten or more.  “We recognize that being away from school creates additional work and stress for everyone in our communities; however, it is a necessary step in stopping the spread of COVID-19,” said State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson. “During the uncertainties of the coming weeks, it is more important than ever to remain socially connected with our students and families while doing our best to ensure learning continues. The flexibility and initiative of our educators is a shining example of how we rise together in challenging circumstances.”

 Originally planned to be re-evaluated prior to March 30, the new date of May 1, was announced today.  We feel our GCSD teachers have been very successful in this endeavor. We are very fortunate to have the apparatus to be able to offer our students these capabilities.  The last ten years of development have given the school system a great supply of technological break-through specifically making distance learning more effective for both our teachers and also our students.

 Beginning the end of this week, the GCSD school board has asked for a new monitoring tool to allow principals to be able to track teacher and student success.  The new tool will let principals immediately sense problems with issues concerning both the teacher and the student. District resources will then be directed towards any perceived problems.

 Thank you so much for your help in this matter.  Please call your child’s principal if needs arise.

Grab & Go Meal:

UPDATE….Just spoke with Garfield County School District…. If you are wanting a meal for your children ages 1-18 you must go the District website and order meals for your children. We are only allowed to prepare a meal if it has been ordered. Meals are also only provided for Students of the Antimony area that attend school either at Antimony Elenentary, Circleville Elm or Piute HS, and thier siblings. At this time Antimony will ONLY be providing Lunch Monday -Thursday and not Breakfast! Pick up time will be 11:30-11:45.

Grab & Go Lunches

Garfield County School District will be helping out in providing Grab & Go Lunches for the next few weeks. If you have a child that is enrolled in either a Piute or Garfield County School, Please go to Garfield County School District web page and fill out the School Meal Order form if you are interested in having a meal for your child. It is in the center of the page in RED. We will provide Grab & Go Monday thru Thursday only and pick up will be at the school from 11:30-11:45am.

School Dismissal Update :

March 15, 2020, 4:00 PM

Good afternoon,

Please accept some short updates before we start tomorrow with our dismissed school session.

As of this afternoon, I am aware of no cases of COVID-19 present in Garfield or adjacent areas.  Southwest Utah Public Health is showing one case of Resident COVID-19. Please remember the process that we are undertaking is a method to limit the spread of this virus should it surface in our area.  Please remember that the plan we are using is to limit groups of more than three or four at a time. Please adhere to this plan at home and in family groups. State officials are encouraging everyone to take serious precautions, especially staying at least six-feet away from other people and staying home if showing any symptoms.  It has been reported that a high school in Northern Utah has a student case of COVID-19.  While that school will be closed, remaining schools in the district will remain dismissed.

When faced with questions that are directed towards the Public Health Department.  If you cannot get through on the Garfield County telephone number, please use the Washington County number that is located at the very end of this document.

There will not be any provision for school lunch until Wednesday.  On Tuesday, we will post the directions to receive lunches for your children and the method to order a child lunch.  Free or reduced in addition to full pay lunches will be available. We may have some limitations based on our switching from a hot lunch to a sack lunch.  Lunches will not be eaten on the school premise.

Access to school property is limited to minimal numbers at any time.  All playgrounds and school campus exteriors are closed. Any student needing to come to the campus to visit a teacher, pick up items from their locker or access school facilities must call the school office prior to coming to the school.

I am very confident that our teachers and staff can effectively work together to keep our schools functioning while we provide a quality education to our students.  Teachers and school officials will provide you information via email communication and Parentlink phone calls to your home or cell. Please alert your school secretary if you have a changed email address or cell phone number.

Thank you,  

Tracy Davis, GCSD Supt.,